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  • 24.11.2016
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    Last week our class did an internship.

    Asil did an internship as a car mechanic. He worked in a garage for normal cars in Lörrach. One of his jobs was to change tires at cars.

    Anuschka did an internship as a carpenter. She worked mostly outside at the building ground. She had to carry heavy things.

    Tom did an internship as a car mechanic to. But he worked in a garage specialised on trucks.

    Finn had bad luck. He couldn't do his internship the last two weeks, but he has found an internship in April 2017. Then he will get to know the job of a geriatric nurse where he will help old people.

    Richard also didn't do a internship the whole two weeks. He continued his internship which takes place every thursday. There he works as a butcher. He wants to start an apprenticeship as a butcher next year.

    Now it's your turn - single person working

    Fill the gaps - If you need to know more words, use a dictionary.

    I did an internship as a last week.
    I had to (what were your jobs?)
    I got up at and went to bed at

    Now make partners

    Go together with a partner and start a conversation. Here you can read what to do
    • Decide who is Partner A and who is Partner B
    • Make a conversation

    Partner A: In what job did you do an internship the last two weeks?

    Partner B: (Answer in a whole sentence)

    Partner B: And in what job did you do your internship?

    Partner A: (Answer in a whole sentence)

    Partner A: What did you do in your internship?

    Partner B: I had to .... (say what you did in whole sentences) and what did you do?

    Partner A: Oh, I had to (say what you did)

    Partner B: When did you have to get up? I got up at ..... (say when you had to get up)

    Partner A: (Say when you had to get up)