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    1 Analyse your strengths and weaknesses

    1Take another close look at your test: Where did you do well, where poorly? (Look at how many points you got!)
    • Take a look at the headlines and the type of task (Listening, Reading, Writing, Text-based tasks (Reading), Use of language (Grammar), Creative Writing, Skills & Techniques (Mediation)
    • When you look at a text (e.g. Part C "free writing") there will be these correction mak
      W: Word (Wortwahl / Ausdrucksweise); WO: Wordorder (Satzbau); GR: Grammar; SP: Spelling (Rechtschreibung)

    1.1 What went well?

    1.2 What do you have to work on?

    2 My "smart" goals

    2Now you know what went well and what didn't. In the next step you have to find and write down specific goals.
    BE REALISTIC! You cannot repeat all grammar in one week...
    Write down for every goal:
    • What exactly do you want to do?
    • Why do you want to do that?
    • Until when do you want to finish?
    • What help do you need?

    2.1 Goal 1:

    2.2 Goal 2:

    2.3 Write down more goals on the back.