• Organizing a Birthday Party 2
  • Ulrike_Jentz
  • 21.03.2016
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    You talk with your friend about your birthday party (where?, when?, what can you do?) and your shopping list.
    Write a dialogue.

    These words can help you:

    make suggestions (Vorschläge machen)

    I think... = Ich denke...

    Maybe we buy... = Vielleicht kaufen wir...

    Do you want to buy...? = Willst du ... kaufen?

    Let's buy... = Lass uns ... kaufen.

    Can we have...? = Können wir ... haben?

    reactions (Reaktionen)

    Very good. = Sehr gut.

    That's too expensive. = Das ist zu teuer

    That's ok. = Das ist ok.

    Good idea. = Gute Idee.

    I don't like... = Ich mag... nicht.

    Practise your dialogue. Can you learn it by heart?