• The Gerund
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  • 02.07.2018
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  • A gerund is a verb-based form that functions as a noun and often indicates action.
    It is formed with a verb+ing: drink-ing, laugh-ing, eat-ing

    The gerund as subject and object

    A gerund can be the object of a sentence:

    A gerund can be the subject of a sentence.

    He enjoys waking up early.

    Dancing is my biggest passion.

    She dislikes working at the office.

    Getting a good job is not easy.

    I avoid eating junk food as much as possible.

    Running is good for your health.

    Be careful when using the gerund as an object!
    Some common verbs must be followed by gerunds:
    - avoid
    - dislike
    - finish
    - consider
    - enjoy
    - discuss
    - miss
    - suggest
    - feel like

    The gerund after prepositions

    - Of
    - After
    - Before
    - Without
    - On
    - By


    The gerund is used after prepositions :

    He is scared of going in lifts.

    She is good at playing volleyball.

    He apologized for being late.

  • Exercises

    a Complete the following sentences with the words given down below.

    1. his uncle sounded like a good idea.
    2. I sill remember ready for the test, when I was 17.
    3. But I like a firefighter.
    4. 15-Hours shift is not easy.
    5. I enjoyed to your music.
    6. about other cultures makes people more tolerant.

    b) Mark the gerunds red, which are used as subjects and the objects green.

    work - visit - learn - take - wake up - listen - get - be - live

    Complete the sentences and don't forget the be-form, the preposition and the gerund!

    1. John (learn) foreign languages. So far, he has learned five other languages.
    2. Jenny (dance) and she practices every weekend.

    3. George (go) on his trip to Europe this summer. He has already purchased the ticket.

    4. Lisa and Tom (take) care of their sister's dog while she is on vacation.

    5. They (loose) the football match, and that is why they are practicing all day long.

    excited - interested - afraid - good - responsible